Research Solutions

We are proud of our in-house built digital solutions that are completely customized to fulfil clients needs


Steady Pace’s CATI Setup

Telephonic Interviews with a difference!
  • 1+30 Dedicated Workstations
  • 2Trained Female Staff
  • 3 Customized Software
  • 4 Steady Pace’s own secure servers
  • 5 Ability for client to monitor fieldwork through online dashboard
  • 6 Ability for client to log into the system and hear recorded calls

Steady Pace’s Customer Experience Dashboard

Monitor Customer Experience in real time
  • 1Customer interaction takes place, his/her mobile number is recorded
  • 2Customer walks out of center and receives sms to take survey
  • 3 Customer submits survey which is synced to Steady Pace server
  • 4 Steady Pace’s own secure servers
  • 5 Data are analyzed, averages are calculated and charted
  • 6 Charts appear on client’s dashboard in real time